Our Ethos

The conceptualisation of Terre Love has evolved over many moons.
Our name is an amalgam of the word terre (earth) and our deep love and adoration for it. 
Terre Love was born out of a desire to connect back to the ancient wisdom of the natural world and to guide people to their innate self healing potential.
From the alchemy of the earth and within.
Our offerings are mindfully & naturopathically crafted with intelligent medicinal fungi and plants based on their active constituents, actions, potency, functionality, efficacy and safety to deliver deep nourishment. 

Plant Medicine Wisdom 

 Returning back to the roots of our ancestors and harnessing the intelligence of the plants that surround us. The original medicine that has been used for aeons and aeons. Plants emit healing energetic frequencies and nourish the body from the inside out. 


 The Super Mushroom Clay Mask is packaged in biophotonic miron glass jars that naturally filter the spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing through Infra-Red and UVA light, or ‘violet’ light. This unique feature protects any harmful effects from light. Additionally, biophotonic glass also prolongs shelf life and the preserve the potency of the product. Recycle and repurpose the jar as a storage container for herbal tea, dried herbal medicine, coffee and other dried goods. We package all parcels in 100% recyclable paper + cardboard materials and water activated soy inked tapes.

Ethical Choices 

Our products are vegan and cruelty free. 
Our approach is to champion sustainable and ethical principles. These principles include well-sourced, sustainable, high quality, ethically made, fair trade ingredients and organic where possible. 

A Note From The Founder

I've always felt a deep connection to the natural and esoteric world. My earliest memories involve enthusiastically telling my mother, 'My body has the power to heal itself!' while playing with flowers and crafting pretend tinctures.

As I matured in my early twenties and faced various life challenges, I discovered the incredible allies of the Earth: mushrooms, herbs and other potent forces of nature. These Earth allies not only saved my life but also opened the gateway to tapping into the innate healing wisdom residing within my body. Today, my mission is to share the profound insights gained from these Earth allies, harmonising their wisdom with the body's innate healing intelligence. I aim to offer this transformative magic to those who are ready to embrace its wonders."


With love,