The Hero Ingredient: Tremella Mushroom

What is Tremella Mushroom?

Also known as snow ear, white fungus, snow fungus, beauty mushroom and silver ear mushroom. 

Tremella fuciformis has been used medicinally in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for its therapeutic properties. An antioxidant rich, youth-preserving mushroom with active constituents and healing activity that are historically indicated for the largest organ that is our skin. 
 This edible fungus has been known for its capacity to hold nearly 500 times its weight in water making it deeply hydrating and lubricating.
In addition to being a youth preserving longevity mushroom, its therapeutic properties supports brain and cognitive function, cardiovascular health, nervous system function, respiratory health and immuno- modulator activity for disease prevention. 


Alchemy Of The Earth 

Out in the forests, you will find the translucent white gelatinous and jelly-like fruiting body of Tremella growing on decaying logs of wood. Tremella doesn't contain a cap or stem and can grow up to 10 cm in diameter. The name, Tremella originates from the Latin word tremere meaning 'to tremble' which reflects the wobbly formation of mushroom.



Active Constituents & Compounds 

Tremella is widely researched across scientific reviews and studies. The beauty mushroom contain a variety of active constituents and compounds that supports its diversity of therapeutic benefits.
With polysaccharides being the most abundant active immunological constituent, you will also find fibre, collagen, antioxidants and vitamin D present. 
In the academic study titled "Medicinal Value of the Genus Tremella Pers. (Heterobasidiomycetes)” by The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms it was established that the fundamental principle for Tremella fuciformis' host of incredible health benefits originate from the active polysaccharides compounds. 
Tremella fuciformis contains immuno- modulating, anti- tumor, anti- radiation, wound healing, hematogenesis stimulating, anti- diabetic, anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic, antiallergic activities and hepato- protective effects.


Tremella Mushroom Skin Benefits 

    1. Deeply Hydrating
    2. Stimulates Collagen Production
    3. Anti-oxidant Rich
    4. Nourishes The Skin
    5. Deeply Moisturising
    6. Anti-inflammatory
    7. Anti-ageing Effects
    8. Brightens Complexion
    9. Improves Complexion
    10. Plumps Skin
    11. Smooths Fine Line & Wrinkles
    12. Stimulates Healthy Skin Cell Growth
    13. Wound Healing
    14. Protects Against Radiation